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Hello! Thank you for stopping by. Will & Purpose Coaching is here to empower you to be who you were created to be and do what you are here to do. I believe that self-awareness, personal responsibility, and action are the keys to unlocking your best life and creating a better world. For more information, please click the "start the conversation" link below. Thanks! Let's talk soon! ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------------------------------

Meet Andy Pecina

Hello, I’m Andy! Thanks for stopping by. Someone once said to me, "There is no greater joy in life than what is found in the service of others". This statement has shaped my life, and serving others is the driving force behind everything I do. I have been working as a social worker, counselor, or coach and speaking publicly for over fifteen years. I am excited to have a very successful life coaching and speaking career and am working diligently every day to leave the world just a little better than I found it.

My Story

The journey to the present began on February 7, 2007, while I was serving on active duty as a linguist and Harm Reduction Program Manager in the Air Force. Due to a variety of challenges, including an abusive childhood, I had a lot of unresolved personal issues as a young man. Unfortunately, as many people do, I suppressed them with alcohol and other self-destructive behaviors. Finally, when my career was in jeopardy and I hit “rock bottom”, I had a moment of awakening and made a decision to turn things around. My life has never been the same.

I began speaking to large groups of military service members only a few months later about my personal experiences in an attempt to encourage them to make better choices. I completed over a year of rehabilitation and counseling and soon enrolled in college. A little over six years later, I held master’s degrees in clinical social work and human resources and a graduate certificate in organizational leadership. I have also completed the best life coach training in the country and even picked up a couple of foreign languages along the way.

Experience & Services

I have worked extensively with at-risk teens, veterans, military service members and their spouses and feel very strongly that partnering with these populations is what I am here to do.

As a coach, I am pragmatic, relatable, and focused on results! I partner with people in order to raise their level of self-awareness and open up new possibilities for their life. I truly believe that we all have the answers that we need to be successful, and coaching is a great way to bring forth our full potential. In the coaching relationship, you are the expert in your life, and I am the expert in the coaching process. There are several options to begin your coaching journey. To learn more about working with me 1-on-1, please see the coaching section below.

As a speaker, my three primary goals are to provoke thought, inspire action, and make a meaningful connection with the audience. My speaking style and message will cause participants to think about their lives in a way that they never have before. This often leads to epiphanies or “light bulb” moments and a burning desire to take positive action. I have attended many keynote presentations, and I strongly believe that I have a unique ability to connect with people and a message that will change lives.

Want to get in touch?

I am located in Omaha, Nebraska and conduct sessions primarily via phone or video with clients anywhere in the United States. You can contact me via email at andy@willandpurposecoaching.com, or find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok at the links below. Thanks again for stopping by. I’ll talk to you soon!

Coaching with Andy

Coaching brings hope and the possibility of change into people’s lives. It is a partnership between coach and client that strives to bring forth the client’s full potential. It is goal-oriented and focuses on the present and creating a positive way forward. It is my belief that much of our unhappiness and discontentment in life is due to the difference between who we are and what we do. The primary goal of coaching with me is to eliminate this incongruity in our lives as much as possible and be who we were created to be. I have established three pillars of success. First, is SELF-AWARENESS. Sure, life is about choices, but choices are limited by the available options. Your options exist within your current state of self-awareness and by increasing your level of awareness, you will develop a greater ability to choose. Next, comes PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. Consider this…if your problems are "out there somewhere", how will you have any real power to address and solve them? You must own total responsibility for the circumstances and conditions of your life, even when it doesn’t make sense. Of course, many things happen in life that are not your fault; however, it is your responsibility to live a good life and do what you came here to do in spite of these challenges. And finally, once you are more self-aware and own total responsibility for your life, you must TAKE ACTION. I like to say, "If nothing changes, nothing changes." In other words, if you want something different for your life, you must do something different. After all, a goal without an executed plan of action is just a dream.

You may have heard the saying, "You can’t see the forest for the trees." I like to use this expression to explain my coaching process. The forest represents possibilities and potential solutions for the difficulties that you are facing. Many times, you can’t see these potential solutions and possibilities because of all of the trees that are in the way which can be many things, such as emotions, circumstances, or specific challenges. The trees generally fall into three categories: controllable trees, uncontrollable trees, and self-imposed trees. As your coach, I am going to learn a lot about you and your situation by maintaining a posture of curiosity, engaging in active and reflective listening, and asking powerful questions. I will ask you to articulate your thoughts, beliefs, strengths, limitations, fears, and goals, and as I get to know you better, you will also get to know you better. As a result of the coaching conversation, you will be empowered to clear away the trees so you can see the forest and establish a clear way forward to your desired future. It is an amazing process, and if you come to the coaching conversation open, honest, and ready for change, you will get results!

Ultimately, you can either take action in your life, or your life will take action on you. If you are ready to take action, you can send me an email at andy@willandpurposecoaching.com or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this webpage. I am located in Omaha, Nebraska and conduct sessions primarily via phone or video with clients anywhere in the United States. I look forward to getting started!

Speaking Topics

The Most Important Choice

Choices, choices, choices…life is all about choices, right? Yes, but this message is played out especially with at-risk youth and the military training population, because they hear it all the time. I approach this topic from a different angle with this keynote, The Most Important Choice. Life may be about choices, but the most important choice is what you choose to believe about yourself.

Many of the things that drive our decisions are controlled by beliefs that have been hard-wired by the influences of our lives. With this keynote, I encourage the audience to consider who they truly are, what they want out of life, and what they believe is possible for them. Then, I inspire them to raise their expectations to achieve their goals and aspirations.

Check out the video below to hear a short message relevant to this topic.

Resilience on the Path of Success

On the path of success there will be many challenges, but we must remember where we came from and know that challenges are a good thing. Try to think of a time in your life when you experienced significant personal growth that did not come in the wake of some type of challenge. Challenges will come in many forms, but the one of the biggest things that we must overcome is our inner critic.

With this keynote, I discuss the importance of developing resilience in the face of adversity and provide tools to successfully deal with external challenges, irrational fears and negative self-talk. We must withstand, recover, and grow in the face of life’s challenges. It is only through challenges that we can realize who we are and what we are capable of achieving.

Check out the video below to hear a short message relevant to this topic.

Create a Custom Keynote

I believe that we all have what it takes to be successful in our lives. Sometimes it’s a matter of becoming clear with our goals, strengths, and limitations and developing an action plan for success. One of the things that holds us back is the difference between who we truly are and what we do each day. I firmly believe that incongruity here is the primary source of much of our unhappiness in life.

Another thing that gets in our way is failure to take full responsibility for the conditions and circumstances of our lives. Many people like to play the "blame game", but as long as our problems are "out there somewhere" we have no power to make the necessary changes. I would be happy to discuss your needs and create a custom speech for your audience.

Check out this video to hear a short message about the importance of being true to yourself.

What are people saying about Andy?

“Working with Andy for the past few months has helped me gain clarity and a new perspective. I have more insight and understanding as to who I am and how I can use my gifts and my story to serve others. It has gotten me through one of the most challenging times of my life. I now feel more powerful and capable of making better decisions. Thank you, Andy, for being authentic and relatable and for helping others be a better version of themselves. I highly recommend working with Will & Purpose Coaching if you are looking for clarity, a better understanding of who you are, or if you feel stuck and unsure of which steps to take next.”

~ Kristina D.

“I have seen Andy speak in front of multiple large crowds of military members. He has a dynamic presence, is able to quickly engage his audience, and demonstrates a true passion for what he does. It is clear that he cares about improving the lives of those around him, and he has an ability to connect with people in a way that is rarely seen in most people. Not only does he possess the knowledge and skills to motivate others to change, but he truly lives by his words and is a real-world example of someone who has demonstrated resilience in the face of adversity.”

~ Nicole C., Clinical Psychologist

“While working with Andy, he helped me in so many areas. When I initially contacted him, I was seeking help with business and employees. It turned into so much more! He helped me gain insight in not only my personal life, but also in my business. He is an amazing life coach, and I recommend him to anyone who needs help in any area. I look forward to growing and changing to be my best self, and I know his guidance will help.”

~ Jessica V.

“I have been blessed both professionally and personally by knowing Andy. Like most speakers, he has an amazing story of humility and triumph. What sets him apart is his genuine passion and concern for others. If you have a need for a dynamic change agent, Andy has my vote hands down!”

~ Brad S., Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor

“I cannot say enough about Andy. Our coaching relationship began over nine months ago when I started my health and fitness journey (again). He has become more than just a health and fitness coach. He is easy to talk to, wonderful at listening, and always offers great insight to each conversation that we have. He also has an incredibly motivating way about him, and I respect and appreciate his open approach to difficult topics. I would highly recommend Andy to any one of my friends or family members.”

~ Kelly E.

“I first saw Andy speak while stationed in Texas and completing military training. He began to give his story that included both struggles and triumph. I quickly noticed his passion displayed by his stature, volume, and energy. I was convinced that he wanted to contribute something beneficial and positive to everyone in that room. Andy and I met formally about a month later. I approached him and told him how much I appreciated his ability to relate to people and his courage to put his story out there. We continued to get together and converse about our aspirations and views of life. We have been great friends since.”

~ Cody G., SGT

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~ Andy

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